Monday, April 04, 2016

Lifelogging is dead (for now) | Computerworld

There's an app for that
"But Bell's foray into the kind of all-encompassing lifelogging he attempted was too early. In the future, he said, we could see the price of memory come way down, as well as breakthroughs in battery technology and artificial intelligence (A.I.). But for now, it's not possible to automatically record everything using a mobile device. And it's hard to manage and use the terabytes of data generated.

Meanwhile, Bell said, we do have a version of Bush's Memex: "It's the smartphone."

The combination of the sensors in the phone, the connected smartwatches and fitness wearables, the location tracking, the apps that harvest data and, above all, the social media oversharing, together constitutes a lifelog. It's just that we don't look at it that way."
Lifelogging is dead (for now) | Computerworld
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