Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Adobe is telling people to stop using Flash | The Verge

Signs of the times

"By acknowledging that Flash is dying, Adobe is able to better position its animation tools for the future. Flash Professional CC is already capable of creating HTML5 content — in fact, it already represents a third of all content created in the app, according to Adobe. By taking up the name Animate CC, Adobe is able to sell Flash Professional CC as a general animation tool, rather than a tool geared toward Flash. The name change will take effect early next year.

Flash itself will not be changing, and Adobe is continuing to support it. However, it sounds like that support will most heavily focus on security. Adobe says it will be working with Microsoft and Google to maintain Flash's compatibility and security inside of web browsers. It's also going to be working with Facebook to make sure that Flash games remain secure. Adobe says that it expects to see Flash use continue, for now, in web gaming and "premium" video, because HTML5 or other standards "have yet to fully mature" to meet those areas' needs."
Adobe is telling people to stop using Flash | The Verge
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