Saturday, November 01, 2014

The Internet Archive, Trying to Encompass All Creation -

A timely extension area for The Internet Archive

"The notion here is that political ads fly by on television, giving the viewer little context in which to judge them. Like the ad shown to the archive crowd where a Philadelphia candidate accused his opponent of burning down a church. Trumped-up charge or heinous act? No one had a clue.

The project is experimenting with creating a resource library of political ads and the TV news broadcasts in which they appeared. The goal is to help journalists and researchers compare the ads from a single sponsor or group, see who is paying for them and, ultimately, try to determine how well the local news media are covering the issues behind the ads. If the pilot works out in Philadelphia, it will unroll nationally in time for the 2016 elections."
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The Internet Archive, Trying to Encompass All Creation -
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