Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Google+ fires back [at] Zuckerberg: "we're happy to be underestimated" [The Next Web]

Google+ is to Facebook, at this point, what Bing is to Google search: a strategically necessary massive investment to establish and sustain a distant #2 competitive position

Google’s Bradley Horowitz has fired back at Mark Zuckerberg’s claim that the company is “building its own little Facebook” saying that Google is “delighted to be underestimated” by its rival.

Horowitz, who as VP of Product at Google is a key figure behind Google+, discussed Google’s rivalry with Facebook, the development of Google+ and new updates to the service during an interview with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang in the US this evening.

Google+ fires back a Zuckerberg: "we're happy to be underestimated"

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