Sunday, November 06, 2011

David Gelernter Discusses Patent Claim Against Apple -

Apple thinks different about David Gelernter’s work

Among the documents obtained from Apple was the e-mail Mr. Jobs sent in 2001 to his lieutenants after seeing an article in The New York Times about Scopeware.

“Please check out this software ASAP,” he wrote. “It may be something for our future, and we may want to secure a license ASAP.”

An Apple executive at the time said in a deposition that “this was the first time I recall having received a specific mail to look at a company or its technology” from Mr. Jobs. Apple subsequently met with Mirror Worlds, but nothing came of the discussions.

Jeanne C. Fromer, a patent law expert at Fordham Law School in New York, called the e-mail from Mr. Jobs “as close as you get to a smoking gun.” Peter J. Toren, a patent litigator, summed up with a single word: “Wow.”

David Gelernter Discusses Patent Claim Against Apple -

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