Tuesday, October 04, 2011

SharePoint Conference 2011: Day 1 [on SharePoint mobile strategy]

Excerpt from Guy Creese’s day 1 perspectives

Mobile Strategy: I asked Kurt Delbene about the SharePoint mobile strategy at a breakfast meeting this morning, and he was very clear that Microsoft will be developing mobile clients for non-Windows devices. So while the intent is there, I’m not sure that’s going to translate into a SharePoint client for the iPad anytime soon, for example. To do this well — and quickly — Microsoft needs to have developers who know these different environments (iOS, Android) and QA engineers to test these non-Windows devices. Given Microsoft’s long-time Windows-centricity, I’m not convinced that it has the organizational infrastructure to do this. Hopefully, the SRO situation at the mobile device presentation this afternoon will make Microsoft realize that doing this quickly should be a high priority

SharePoint Conference 2011: Day 1

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