Monday, October 03, 2011

Microsoft’s Dicey Answer to the iPad [The Fiscal Times]

Excerpt from a Steve Wildstrom Windows 8 reality check; tbd if “enterprise tablet” will be about as compelling as “enterprise smartphone,” i.e., mostly relevant for organizations that don’t support information worker freedom of choice (and a market opportunity perhaps poised to be about as successful as RIM).  Meanwhile, while waiting for firm Windows 8 release dates and tablet offering details, imagine if you could purchase a 10.1” Amazon Kindle Fire for ~$250, and securely access enterprise resources through browser client interfaces…

This is a huge gamble because it is far from clear that Microsoft can pull it off. A very early version of Windows 8 looks good on tablets, though you can't do much with it yet. Meanwhile, but its new “Metro” design feels clunky on traditional computers.

Corporate buyers, many of whom have just completed a transition to Windows 7, are likely to be unexcited by Windows 8 for their laptops and desktops. But Microsoft may have a real opportunity in the market for enterprise tablets. iPads have been creeping into businesses, introduced by individual users who, if they have enough clout, have been able to get their IT departments to support them grudgingly. They do meet some corporate security requirements—more than Android tablets, but not at the level that IT departments like.

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