Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Skype Opens a Conference Call Service -

Perhaps Cisco should have acquired Skype when it had the chance, last year

On Tuesday, Skype said that it would introduce a conference calling service that will let multiple people talk, see each other through online video and share documents. The service, which is expected to be available near the end of the year, is part of a broader Skype strategy to create more products for corporate users that it can charge for. Skype is trying to find new ways to make money because the vast majority of its 145 million users pay nothing to make online calls.

The conference calling service is being done in partnership with Citrix, a software company that already enables online meetings with GoToMeeting. Citrix will integrate some of GoToMeeting’s technology into Skype’s conferencing service so that people can dial-in by phone and share documents among multiple users.

Skype Opens a Conference Call Service -

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