Thursday, March 03, 2011

MarkLogic User Conference 2011: XQuery’s Enigmatic Information Architecture Role

I’m going to present an XQuery reality check session at the MarkLogic 2011 user conference (in San Francisco April 26 – 29; check this page for event details).  My session abstract:

XQuery is something of an enigma. It is an exceptionally powerful language, designed by leading information management experts, and optimized for working with XML resources. As perhaps the most promising leading indicator of XQuery's value, MarkLogic's implementation of XQuery has been successfully used in compelling deployments worldwide. However, in the market overall, XQuery is often misunderstood, and it might not become a meaningful industry standard (e.g., supported by a wide variety of vendors in implementations that foster interoperability), if it is not more broadly and effectively adopted. In order to fully leverage XQuery's potential, it's helpful to understand an information management framework that clearly explains how XQuery complements earlier data-manipulation languages such as SQL. Success with XQuery is also predicated on the same conceptual modeling techniques that are used in effective extended relational database deployments. In this session, industry analyst Peter O'Kelly will introduce a framework for understanding XQuery's role and synergy with SQL, along with a conceptual modeling technique that can be productively applied for both resource (XQuery) and relation (SQL) domains. He will also explain how some of the current market dynamics that make XQuery an enigma parallel the evolution of SQL nearly 30 years ago.

Hope to see you there!

MarkLogic User Conference 2011

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