Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Facebook Wants All Of The Conversation | Regular Geek

See this Facebook page for more details and the post link below for more analysis (via Louis Gray).  Also keep the Facebook Live Commenting dimension in mind…

Obviously, there are a bunch of interesting features, so many that people are already wondering if this means doom for services like Disqus, IntenseDebate and Echo. The simple answer is a resounding yes. As much power and flexibility those services bring, the ability to tap into a massive user base is probably too enticing for most bloggers.  However, this is not really my point.


Facebook has continuously made moves to ensure that all conversation gets back to Facebook in some way. They changed their messaging system in the hopes that you would not need to use email. They changed their groups so that they would not become as spammy as other group platforms. They have made changes so that brands can talk to consumers. They have started integrating with other sites so that all of your activity becomes a like or a message on Facebook. Facebook has changed internet communication, slowly but surely. Facebook has become infrastructure.

Facebook Wants All Of The Conversation | Regular Geek

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