Friday, December 10, 2010

Google Launches Email Continuity Service for Microsoft Exchange | Arik Hesseldahl | NewEnterprise | AllThingsD

Apparently another Google attempt to prevent organizations from moving to the latest releases of Microsoft’s software products and services – scrappy, but tbd if also substantive

Google is jumping into that business with some additions to its Postini service for businesses, which it will announce today. The new service will be called Google Message Continuity, and it’s being aimed squarely at users of Microsoft’s Exchange 2003 and 2007. Messages, contacts, folders, calendars and other aspects of the corporate email environment are replicated within Gmail, constantly updated and synched so that in the event that the Exchange server crashes for a few hours or days, or if it goes down for scheduled maintenance, users can have access to their messages and keep getting things done from within Gmail until it’s fixed.

One benefit for Google is that any business that uses this has an easier time dumping Microsoft Exchange altogether and moving to Google Apps: Once you’ve got your corporate email environment replicated on Gmail, there’s no more worrying about the logistical headache associated with migrating from Exchange to Google Apps. Sneaky, right?

Google Launches Email Continuity Service for MIcrosoft Exchange | Arik Hesseldahl | NewEnterprise | AllThingsD

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