Thursday, June 03, 2010

Twitter: Fluffy finds her voice - The Boston Globe

Sign of the times…

Blogging, apparently, isn’t just for humans anymore. Or at least that’s what Sony seems to think, since the company recently displayed a prototype of a “lifelogging’’ device for cats at a technology show. The device, which is worn on a collar and includes sensors designed to track its wearer’s movements, can be teamed with Twitter to provide real-time feline updates of such exciting activities as napping, eating, and chasing after toys. A sudden change in the internal accelerometer might trigger a tweet along the lines of “I just jumped onto the windowsill.’’ Mattel is planning a similar device for dogs.


Sony and Mattel should be applauded for helping to break the single-species monopoly on relentless oversharing.

Twitter: Fluffy finds her voice - The Boston Globe

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