Friday, June 11, 2010 / UK - A timely airing of Facebook founder's private story / UK - A timely airing of Facebook founder's private story: Excerpt from a review of The Facebook Effect; I'm currently reading the book, and recommend it for anyone who wants to understand Facebook's history and culture
"Many questions remain about Zuckerberg himself. Who is this young man in control of so much of the world's personal data? And as the company comes under fire from critics over privacy issues, the persistently sketchy understanding of Facebook's DNA has compounded its woes.

For that reason alone, the publication of this book, which promises 'the inside story' could not be better timed. David Kirkpatrick, a Fortune magazine reporter , presents the first authoritative ac-count of Facebook's founding, its early days, and Zuckerberg himself.

What emerges is a picture of adolescence, rather than arrogance or conniving. Both the company and its founder had enormous expectations and responsibilities foisted upon them at an early age, and both have endured very public scrutiny of their growing pains."
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