Thursday, June 10, 2010 / Media - Antitrust probe looms for Apple on mobile ads / Media - Antitrust probe looms for Apple on mobile ads:
More lawyer-full-employment times at Apple
"The case provoked a rare public dispute between Google and Apple on Wednesday as the internet group claimed its market-leading mobile advertising network was about to be unfairly excluded from the Apple’s devices.

The dispute comes less than a month after US antitrust authorities ended an exhaustive investigation into whether Google itself might end up with too much power in the mobile ads business, and highlights a rapid shift in the balance of power as Apple has set out to dominate advertising on its own devices.
According to two people close to the situation, US regulators have already taken an interest in Apple’s actions, though it is not yet clear whether it will be left to the Federal Trade Commission, which carried out the recent Google investigation, or the Department of Justice to take an investigation forward."
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