Saturday, January 09, 2010

H.P. Working on ‘Half-Pint’ Android Tablet - Bits Blog -

Big changes ahead in mainstream newspaper and magazine publishing

H.P. is also working with software developers including Microsoft and Adobe to create magazine content for these upcoming devices.

Marlene Somsak, an H.P. Media Relations Director, responded to questions about a possible smaller Android tablet. Mrs. Somsak said, “I’m certain that we will be announcing new Slates in the future as they are a very interesting area for us. There are also tons of HP Labs activities looking at a numerous different areas. As of now we are not announcing a new Android based slate.”

According to numerous sources at Adobe and Wired, H.P. is also talking with countless publishers including Bloomberg’s BusinessWeek, Wired, and a number of other Condé Nast publications.

Collectively, they are in the process of prototyping a new form of magazine on these slate-like devices which will include color images, a variety of typography and full-motion video.

H.P. Working on ‘Half-Pint’ Android Tablet - Bits Blog -

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