Sunday, January 10, 2010

Five Ways Apple's Tablet May Change the World - BusinessWeek

A very upbeat set of predictions 

The iPad is on the way, and it just might reduce calling costs, cut your commute, and, to the delight of journalists everywhere, pull print media back from the brink


As that happens, the iPad will change the world in at least five ways.

• Magazine and newspaper publishing will bounce back as consumers rediscover paid subscriptions. Sorry, Chris Anderson, but not everything will revert to free. It's no mistake Time Inc.'s (TWX) Sports Illustrated invested in a sexy tablet magazine demo that's also due to hit the market next year.

Publishers realize they have a very narrow window to recapture the paid subscribers they lost to the Web, and they'll do anything to grab you with the Apple gizmo. Expect to see publishers launch visually stunning versions of their magazines with swooping typography, video insets, CNN iReporter-style news uploads, social media overlays—whatever it takes to make you think you're seeing a magazine or newspaper like never before, so much so you'll even want to pay for it.

(See the full article for the other ways)

Five Ways Apple's Tablet May Change the World - BusinessWeek

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