Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cellphone aims to reinvent industry - The Boston Globe

A key aspect of Google’s Nexus One strategy; in some respects, Google appears to be trying to accelerate (and profit from) the development of what could be considered the wireless version of “The Dawn of the Stupid Network

Tech heads had assumed the Nexus One would be no ordinary Android phone. There are already plenty of those. Surely one designed by Google would include a host of radical new features to rock our world. But while Nexus One is an improvement over other Android phones, it’s hardly revolutionary. So why did Google bother? Because it’s trying to reinvent the entire cellphone industry.

In Google’s ideal world, consumers would purchase their phones outright, and switch from one carrier to another at will, instead of being locked into those two-year contracts. The phone companies would become mere data pipelines, and power and profits would shift to makers of phone software and services, like Google.

Cellphone aims to reinvent industry - The Boston Globe

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