Thursday, September 03, 2009

E.U. to Review Oracle’s Takeover of Sun Microsystems -

More on the latest Oracle/Sun twist – it’ll be deeply ironic if MySQL becomes a deal blocker, especially since many of the key MySQL developers no longer work for Sun.  One thing is clear: Sun will be in an unprecedented world of hurt if the Oracle deal collapses.  Maybe IBM, not having ~50% of the global enterprise DBMS market, would step back in and buy what remains of Sun for a fraction of what it proposed to pay several months ago.

European regulators threw up a road block Thursday for Oracle’s planned $7.4 billion acquisition of Sun Microsystems, saying they would investigate whether the deal would restrict competition in the already “highly concentrated” market for databases.

The deal had been backed by Sun shareholders in July and by the U.S. Justice Department in August, leaving EU consent as the last obstacle to its conclusion. Analysts had expected it to pass muster in Brussels with little fanfare.

E.U. to Review Oracle’s Takeover of Sun Microsystems -

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