Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More from: Microsoft Expands Enterprise Search Offering, Introduces Search Server 2008 Express

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Enterprise search has the greatest impact when it links companies to a variety of information. Today Microsoft announced two important search product portfolio enhancements that provide connectivity to a number of common customer information sources.

First, free connectors that index content from EMC Corp.’s Documentum and IBM Corp.’s FileNet are scheduled to be available across the portfolio of Microsoft search products in early 2008.

Microsoft has also added new federated search capabilities based on the OpenSearch standard. Many applications and services already support OpenSearch, and Microsoft is working with a number of partners, as well as with its own product groups, to create new connections based on the standard. Several companies — including Open Text Corp., Business Objects SA, Cognos Inc. and EMC — have already signed on to develop federated search connectors that will enable Microsoft’s enterprise search customers to easily connect to their information systems.

So... I guess Google won't have to create an "OpenSearch" alliance, as Fake Steve Jobs suggested; it already exists.

Also see this page for an interview with Microsoft GM Kirk Koenigsbauer for more on Microsoft's search strategy.

Microsoft Expands Enterprise Search Offering, Introduces Search Server 2008 Express: Free enterprise search product is quick, easy, powerful.

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