Monday, November 05, 2007

BBC NEWS | Technology | Google pushes into mobile phones

So... we're not really sure what it is, but it's from Google, and one especially smart guy at Google (we know that because Google bought his company), and lots of vendors have signed up for it, and it's going to be free and "open", so ... even if it doesn't actually appear to do anything particularly new, and it's not clear when devices using it will appear, it's a "shot heard around the world" (a quote elsewhere in the article)

Adam Leach, principal analyst with Ovum, said: "It's an important announcement. That number of companies already committing to the service is very impressive."

Mr Leach said the danger was that the move would create "yet another" competing service and not a "truly open platform".

"We've seen collaboration of this sort before in the mobile industry and there's quite a number of platforms already out there professing to remove fragmentation, speed-up time to market and enable third-party innovation.

"The proposition from that point of view is not new." 

BBC NEWS | Technology | Google pushes into mobile phones

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