Monday, March 01, 2004

Michael Helfrich's Weblog: Firefight at BIAP

Michael Helfrich's Weblog: Firefight at BIAP "Those of you that read this blog will recognize that our goal at Groove is a consistent, well-planned march towards ubiquity. The network effects of human interaction within Groove are critical to this march. My friend Eric leveraged Groove with his social network of 134 people crossing 43 organizations, furiously working to avert a humanitarian disaster in Iraq. Lieutenant Colonel Bob (hereinafter referred to as LTC Bob) was but a single point of light Eric's social network, yet he swallowed the "Red Pill" and formed his own network centric workgroup in his drive towards a strategic plan for the reconstruction of Iraq.
Swallowing the "red pill" is a common phrase within Groove for those that really get what Ray and the founders set out to do when they designed the product in 1997: a highly adaptive platform that morphs to the problem set and embraces divergent constituencies and function."

Incredible insights from war zone collaboration experience...
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