Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Macromedia - Breeze Live : Overview

Macromedia - Breeze Live : Overview: "For the month of March, Macromedia is offering free Breeze web conferencing.* With Breeze, more than half a billion web users can immediately experience engaging online meetings and rich content. Using the ubiquitous Macromedia Flash Player, Breeze delivers instant web meetings without requiring special plug-ins or media players"
* Instant meetings. Breeze Live works through Macromedia Flash, which is installed on nearly all PCs today. No software download or plug-in installation required.
* Meetings with rich content. Bring PowerPoint slides, digital video, FlashPaper* documents, Flash simulations, and other types of media into your live meetings.
* Interact and collaborate. Chat with a few or broadcast to many. Share applications,* screens, images and documents with participants. Easily transfer files* to facilitate collaborations.
* Annotate and whiteboard. Use integrated tools to whiteboard or overlay annotations on slides, video and other content.*
* Gather real-time feedback through polls. Quickly create and post real-time polls in your meeting room, and usee Breeze reports for further data analysis.*
* Customize and expand. Customize meeting room layouts and add* your organization’s logos and color schemes. You can even have experts create custom pod plug-ins and integrate with business systems through advanced integration features.*
* Leverage content through the centralized, searchable content library that lets presenters and trainers re-use and re-purpose content throughout the organization."
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