Saturday, August 02, 2003

John Robb on KeepMedia

"KeepMedia is a back issue archive service for magazines (that aren't making much money from archive sales and are trying this out). There are good magazines in the service like Business Week, Forbes, Esquire, Fast Company, US News and World Report, and lots of trade/professional magazines. It costs $4.95 a month. The pros are: 1)you can read the articles that you were not able to read in the restricted versions online, 2) it is much less expensive than a subscription to these magazines, 3) the articles are ad free, and 4) you can share these articles via e-mail. The negatives are: 1)you can't link to the articles via your weblog, 2) the articles are a week or a month out of date, 3) there isn't an RSS feed, 4) there isn't filtered search driven RSS or e-mail, and 5)it doesn't include many publications, which will force you to go to numerous locations for archive information (which is a chicken and egg issue). Your decision: is it worth it?"
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