Thursday, July 03, 2003

Microsoft Announces Cool eBook Promotion for Hot Summer Reading

Microsoft Announces Cool eBook Promotion for Hot Summer Reading: "The time-honored tradition of bringing a few bestsellers along for summer vacation reading takes on a digital tone with today's announcement by Microsoft Corp. of 60 best-selling eBooks available for free download by users of Microsoft® Reader. These books represent a wide cross-section of authors and books from a variety of publishers, such as 'A Short History of Nearly Everything,' by Bill Bryson; 'The Joy Luck Club,' by Amy Tan; 'Fear Itself,' by Walter Mosley; and 'Beach Music,' by Pat Conroy.
The 20-week promotion will feature three new titles each week, available at Once downloaded, each eBook can be read on a user's desktop or laptop PC, Pocket PC or Tablet PC. Each week, new content will be made available to expand each user's personal library of eBooks. More than 20,000 titles, including 19,000 commercial titles, are currently available for Microsoft Reader."

Looks like at least one company hasn't given up on ebooks... Catalog of current free titles.
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