Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Google Toolbar likes and dislikes

Google Toolbar likes and dislikes I've been using the beta toolbar for several days. I like the pop-up ad blocker, and it's convenient to have the omnipresent Google search option, but the built-in BlogThis! feature is a mixed blessing; the toolbar seems to mess up the original BlogThis! interface (which the beta toolbar sometimes seems to consider a pop-up) -- this is only a problem because the BlogThis! button in the toolbar can be clipped when I run IE in full-screen mode.

A couple other nits:
1. The post-to blog selection isn't sticky, and it doesn't default to my primary blog (even if I try to trick it by changing the name to force alpha sort sequencing etc.).
2. I now see a warning about a page trying to close a browser instance every time I post via the toolbar BlogThis! button -- annoying.
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