Monday, September 09, 2002

ZDNet: Story: The fatal flaw inside MS's new Media Center PCs "If Microsoft's handling of digital-rights management in its new Media Center PCs is any indication, Redmond is perfectly happy to sell out its customers to keep the entertainment industry happy.
What I'm talking about are features built into Windows XP Media Center Edition that let some next-generation PCs act like TiVo-esque personal video recorders (PVRs). The first Media Center machines, due before Christmas from HP, also come with a DVD burner. That combination means you can copy TV programs you've recorded using the PVR features from your hard drive to DVD.
THAT'S WHERE the catch comes in: The DVDs you burn can only be played on the same machine on which they were recorded."
I suspect this won't last long -- e.g., just as Windows Media Player lets you easily turn off copy protection.
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