Monday, September 09, 2002

Boston Globe Online / Business / Apple's good, but that's no reason to switch "Still, why switch? The newer versions of Windows are themselves mighty fine. In the ads, ex-Windows users gripe that their PCs were flaky and unreliable. It's a fair criticism when aimed at ''Windows 9X'' - the old operating system line that includes Windows 95, 98, and ME. These systems, based on archaic code dating back to the 1980s, were never up to the task of running powerful modern PCs.
But Windows 2000 and XP are another story. After a year's use, my home XP machine has crashed perhaps three times, usually in the middle of some heavy-duty game like Medal of Honor: Allied Assault. The Windows 2000 computer at the office has never crashed. Those of us running 2000 or XP listen to the laments of the Mac switchers and wonder what in blazes they're talking about."
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