Monday, September 16, 2002

Performance Comparison: .NET Remoting vs. ASP.NET Web Services "Though both the .NET Remoting infrastructure and ASP.NET Web services can implement inter-process communication, each is designed with a particular level of expertise and flexibility in mind to benefit a different target audience. If your application needs interoperability with other platforms or operating systems, you would be better off using ASP.NET Web services, as they are more flexible in that they support SOAP section 5 and Document/Literal. On the other hand, use .NET Remoting when you need the richer object-oriented programming model. See ASP.NET Web Services or .NET Remoting: How to Choose for details. In scenarios where performance is the main requirement with security and process lifecycle management is not a major concern, .NET Remoting TCP/Binary is a viable option; however, keep in mind that you can increase the performance of IIS-hosted implementations by adding a few more machines into the system, which may not be possible when using a .NET Remoting TCP/Binary implementation."
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