Thursday, August 09, 2018

Rules Won’t Save Twitter. Values Will. -- NYT

From a Twitter reality check by Kara Swisher; also see Twitter’s stance on Infowars’ Alex Jones should be a moment of reckoning for users (Vox), which notes "The site has arrived at a moral crossroads — and it’s choosing the wrong path."
"Translation: Twitter is doubling down on the same squishy point of view that has allowed too much of it to become a cesspool over the last several years, and it has little intention of truly cleaning up.

I am down with Mr. Dorsey on the part about different viewpoints being expressed in a civil and even moderately testy way. There’s some value, after all, in force-reading all those opinions on whether a Colorado baker should make gay people cake or not. But the loosey-goosey way that he and Twitter’s rolling series of leaders have run the platform over the years (you can read all about that in Nick Bilton’s telenovela of a book, “Hatching Twitter”) has turned it from what could have been an unprecedented discussion and news platform into the last big refuge of the repugnant."
Rules Won’t Save Twitter. Values Will. -- NYT

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