Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The cloud is disrupting Hadoop | Information Management

Excerpt from a timely Hadoop reality check

"Cloud vendors are hiding or replacing Hadoop all together. AWS Athena lets you do SQL queries against big data without worrying about server instances. It’s a trend in “serverless” offerings. Google Cloud Functions are another example. DataBricks uses Spark directly against S3. IBM’s platform uses Spark against CloverSafe. See the pattern?

As more firms get tired of Hadoop’s on-premises complexity and shift to the public cloud, they will look to shift their Hadoop stacks there. This means that the Hadoop vendors will start to see their revenue shift from on-premises to the cloud.

But serverless and Hadoop alternatives in the public cloud will gain traction, undercutting Hadoop revenue, unless the Hadoop community can give the industry a compelling reason to keep using all of Hadoop."
The cloud is disrupting Hadoop | Information Management

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