Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mossberg: Yes, you’ve still got mail - Recode

Excerpt from an email reality check; also see Journalists should use email more — and Google and Facebook less — to reach readers (Recode)

"Like radio, email isn’t dying, it’s just changing. Over the past decade or so it’s become much more like postal mail. It’s not the place you expect to find a greeting from a friend or even a timely update from a professional colleague. Instead, it’s a mix of junk mail you hate and discard, plus bills and missives from businesses you also hate but can’t discard. And the junk mail is the bulk of it.

It’s also outright dangerous. Email remains a key vector for network attacks by criminals, hostile states and surveillance agencies. It’s a major way bad actors get unsuspecting people to click on links or images or attachments that hide malware that can penetrate networks and steal identities."
Mossberg: Yes, you’ve still got mail - Recode

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