Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hadoop Has Failed Us, Tech Experts Say (Datanami)

Another timely "Hadoop platform" reality check

"The Hadoop dream of unifying data and compute in a distributed manner has all but failed in a smoking heap of cost and complexity, according to technology experts and executives who spoke to Datanami.

“I can’t find a happy Hadoop customer. It’s sort of as simple as that,” says Bob Muglia, CEO of Snowflake Computing, which develops and runs a cloud-based relational data warehouse offering. “It’s very clear to me, technologically, that it’s not the technology base the world will be built on going forward.”

Thousands of organizations store huge amounts of data in Hadoop, and so Hadoop won’t disappear overnight. After all, many companies still run mainframe applications that were originally developed half a century ago. But thanks to better mousetraps like S3 (for storage) and Spark (for processing), Hadoop will be relegated to niche and legacy statuses going forward, Muglia says."
Hadoop Has Failed Us, Tech Experts Say

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