Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tesla's Valuation Could Overtake Ford Any Day Now (Buzzfeed)

Also see Tesla (TSLA) is now more valuable than Ford and why it doesn’t matter (Electrek), which notes "... if you want to make a comparison, it’s closer to an automaker who also owns an oil company and everything in between, like the refineries and gas stations."

"Tesla, the loss-making electric car company that sold about 84,000 vehicles last year, is now worth about as much as Ford, which sold 6.7 million cars in 2016 and turned a $4.6 billion profit.

Valuations for the two companies converged in recent months, as Ford slid and Tesla surged. By Wednesday afternoon, Tesla was worth $45.2 billion and Ford's was valued at $46.6 billion, according to Bloomberg data. Tesla could overtake Ford any day now, and become America's second most valuable car company. GM, the current number one, is worth about $54 billion.

How wildly optimistic are investors about electric cars? Based on its current market price, Tesla is worth about $600,000 per vehicle sold in 2016, while Ford is worth about $7,000, according to calculations by Barclays analyst Brian Johnson."
Tesla's Valuation Could Overtake Ford Any Day Now

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