Friday, April 10, 2015

Three Reasons LinkedIn Acquired | Re/code

A logical learning leap for LinkedIn
"Teaching isn’t traditionally viewed as a high-paying career choice. But building software for teaching? That appears to be a little more lucrative.

At least it was today, when LinkedIn announced the $1.5 billion acquisition of online education company It’s the online business network’s largest acquisition ever by a wide margin. The company paid around $175 million for Bizo last summer, the closest LinkedIn’s ever been to a billion-dollar acquisition until now. provides video courses to paying subscribers hoping to learn online, with tutorials on a wide range of business subjects from Web design to 3-D animation. It’s one of a number of companies working in this space, including well-known startups like Coursera and Codecademy that were both founded in the past five years."
Three Reasons LinkedIn Acquired | Re/code

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