Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Messaging Shockwave — Tap the Mic — Medium

Excerpt from a Ray Ozzie team productivity perspective; also see Talko v2: Messaging, calling and conferencing — all in one (Medium)
"You’ve almost certainly heard of Slack. For many teams (including ours!), it’s almost completely displaced email. You’ve likely also used or read about tools such as Quip and Dropbox’s Composer. The important aspect of these tools isn’t so much how they’re redefining the document per se, but rather that they’re centered from birth on team communications directly in the context of your work.

And then there’s Talko, my company’s app for team communications designed from the outset for our increasingly mobile lives and work styles. It’s simply an amazing tool.

It takes immense work to make something that “just works”, simply, pleasantly, and effectively. I am incredibly proud of the team building Talko and am thankful for our early-adopter customers who have given us invaluable feedback."
The Messaging Shockwave — Tap the Mic — Medium

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