Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Windows 10, inspired by Apple's OS X | InfoWorld

Final paragraphs of a déjà vu summary; also see Windows 10 Looks Pretty Cool, But Microsoft Is Still So Far Behind (Wired)
"OSes have long copied each other. Much of the original Windows UI was based on the original Mac OS, and over the years Apple, Microsoft, and Google have all borrowed from each other. Apple in fact has grown more daring about it in recent years, both in OS X and in iOS.

But it's striking how Microsoft, after the debacles of Windows 8 and Windows Phone, has stepped away from the troubled path it was on and instead looked to learn lessons from Apple, the only PC vendor that is still growing in sales and whose mobile technology has changed the rules for everyone."
Windows 10, inspired by Apple's OS X | InfoWorld

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