Friday, January 23, 2015

Technology Leaders Define Digital Fault Lines -

In other World Economic Forum news, see Executives in Davos Express Worries Over More Disruptive Cyberattacks (NYT) and Privacy is dead, Harvard professors tell Davos forum (Yahoo Tech)
"Mr. Benioff said his company was diligent about protecting its customers’ data. But he was questioned by an audience member about another company he owns that crowdsources personal data and sells it.

“You can opt out,” he said.

That prompted Tim Berners-Lee, a professor of engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the creator of the web’s bedrock software standards, to wonder how one even finds out about all the entities that collect data on people.

“How do I know all these places I need to opt out?” he asked. “Do I need to come here?”"
Technology Leaders Define Digital Fault Lines -

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