Saturday, September 07, 2013

What, Exactly, Is “Proprietary Hadoop”? Proposed: “distribution-specific.” [Gartner: Merv Adrian blog]

Excerpt from a timely Merv Adrian Hadoop terminology reality check
"But Hadoop is not a thing,  it’s a collection of things. Apache says Hadoop is only 4 things – HDFS, MapReduce, YARN, and Common. Distributions are variable collections that may contain non-Apache things, and may be called “proprietary” even when all the things in them are open source – even marketed under Apache licenses, if they are not entirely Apache Projects.
To the most aggressive proponents of open source software, this use of “proprietary” equates to “impure,” even “evil.” And some marketing stresses the importance of “true openness” as an unmitigated good as opposed to the less-good “proprietary,” even when the described offering is in fact open source software."
What, Exactly, Is “Proprietary Hadoop”? Proposed: “distribution-specific.”

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