Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Review of Curiyo -

A revised blast from the past
"This new software is, in a way, a modern, dynamic, version of the first well-known product from the same developer, called GuruNet. That software, released in 2000, allowed you to click on any word anywhere on your Windows computer and get definitions and static encyclopedia information. But Curiyo does much more and offers fresh information, like the latest news or Twitter comments.
Curiyo is free for users, but it has a business side. The company is inviting Web publishers to add their sites as sources on the service. That way key words common on the publishers' sites would be added to Curiyo and help them get more user traffic. The company, though, says it won't accept any and every site. It hopes to make money by selling ads, though none are present now."
Review of Curiyo -

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