Thursday, February 16, 2012

Reviewing Pinterest, the Newest Social Media Site -

It’s Pinterest-in-the-press day; also see Pinterest's Rite of Web Passage—Huge Traffic, No Revenue (WSJ) and Review: Getting Stuck on Pinterest (Technology Review)

Every year, there’s another hot new online service, another drain into which to pour your time. Question: Once you’re on Facebook and Twitter and Foursquare and Google Plus and Tumblr and LinkedIn and Instagram and Reddit and Path — when, exactly, do you have time left over for a life?

Well, never mind. Incredibly, yet another free site has become white-hot popular, because it’s found yet another purpose not quite served by anyone else. It’s, which recently laid claim to being the fastest Web site in history to break the 10-million-visitors-a-month threshold. It’s suddenly cropping up in conversation, online and off, with surprising frequency.

Reviewing Pinterest, the Newest Social Media Site -

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