Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Here's A Different Take On All These Android Patent Cases [Business Insider]

From an extensive interview on mobile, patent, and other market dynamics

It used to be that you would look at mobile, your choice of cell phone and your choice of computing equipment as two separate, distinctive, unrelated decisions. Now they are very much becoming one and the same decision. If you look at the AT&T and Verizon solutions that are offered by Motorola, where they're also coming out with it at Apple -- dockable smartphones that create the intelligence to drive 12 to 14 inch displays on host mechanisms. They look like PCs but they're really being driven by a dockable smartphone. Those experiences are I think very threatening because they're not tablet experiences where you're playing with a scaled down web version of your applications, but you're playing with real applications and you have the ability to bring in data in all kinds of formats, whether it be display content from Microsoft applications or from Open Office. I think there's a transition now to this other strategy that's designed to preserve or create a "what you can't accomplish in the marketplace, you need to attempt to accomplish through the utilization of patents to be able to slow or stall the movement of Android to its inevitable position." It's an interesting dynamic.

Here's A Different Take On All These Android Patent Cases

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