Monday, October 24, 2011

EmTech: Saving Solar Startups - Technology Review

Excerpt from a Bill Joy interview

As the politicians use the Solyndra debacle as a political football, it's not helping the country. We need to find ways for these companies to get financed. One wasn't well conceived, and it's the nature of these things that some of them will fail. But maybe we shouldn't have ever had the expectation that we couldn't lose our money.

Maybe the government should ask for some equity as well. They could loan the money and get some stock. And with the ones that succeed, the stock will pay off the ones that don't. That's kind of what happened with the auto bailout, right? They got a bunch of stock in GM, made a lot of money off of it. I should say "we" made a lot of money.

EmTech: Saving Solar Startups - Technology Review

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