Thursday, August 12, 2010 / Technology - Google deal splits industry over net neutrality

More details on Google/Verizon debate (tbd if Facebook will further clarify its clarification quoted in the previous post…)

The freedom this would give network operators drew strong reactions on Wednesday from some of Google’s biggest rivals. In a statement, Ebay said: “Two-tier networks with corporate toll lanes would stifle ground-up innovation and benefit dominant businesses at the expense of smaller competitors and entrepreneurs.”

Christopher Libertelli, Skype’s senior director of government and regulatory affairs, added: “We believe openness principles should apply to wireless as well as fixed-line internet access.”

Google defended its position saying: “We know not everyone will like all aspects of this proposal, that’s the nature of compromise. But one thing you can’t dispute is this would lock in protections for consumers.” Facebook said it objected to any plan that exempted wireless networks from net neutrality rules.

Amazon said that while “network operators should be allowed to offer additional services, we are concerned that this proposal appears to condone services that could harm consumer internet access”. / Technology - Google deal splits industry over net neutrality

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