Tuesday, July 20, 2010

vowe dot net :: IBM Second-Quarter Earnings are out

Volker’s “this chain” link below is a trail through previous IBM Lotus quarterly earnings highlights – a discouraging trajectory for IBM Lotus fans. Also see Ed Brill’s comment on the post, including a reference to a “Project ‘Northstar’,” some sort of vague “… vision and multi-year roadmap for how organizations can create next-generation online experiences,” which must be reassuring to organizations operating in IBM’s parallel universe, i.e., ones that can apparently afford to wait multiple years before delivering next-generation online experiences. I’m still waiting to see beyond-pre-alpha-demo details on “Project ‘Concord’,” which Ed also referenced; IBM has the audacity to assert, with no substantive details to back the assertion, that “Concord” is some sort of future Symphony/OpenOffice.org for the cloud – perhaps intended to eventually become something like the already-available Office Web Apps, assuming the currently-as-vaporous-as-“Concord” Oracle Cloud Office doesn’t materialize first (since Oracle controls much of the OpenOffice.org-related intellectual property, based on its Sun acquisition, just as it does, to IBM’s chagrin, with Java).

Revenues from the WebSphere family of software products ... increased 17 percent year over year. Revenues from Information Management software... increased 7 percent. Revenues from Tivoli software ... increased 18 percent, and revenues from Lotus software ... decreased 6 percent. Revenues from Rational software ... increased 1 percent.

Follow this chain for the last quarters.

vowe dot net :: IBM Second-Quarter Earnings are out

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