Friday, July 23, 2010

Oracle plans to double acquisition budget - Fortune Tech

Acquisitive times at Oracle, although Oracle didn’t directly acquire MySQL or StorageTek; Sun Microsystems did, before Oracle acquired Sun – in deals that evidently didn’t work out so well, if Oracle acquired Sun for the same amount Sun paid for MySQL + StorageTek (Oracle’s net cost for Sun was closer to $5.6B, according to this NYT article)… (via Kellblog)

Oracle (ORCL) will spend $70 billion in acquisitions over the next five years, Oracle president Charles Phillips said at the Brainstorm Fortune Tech conference in Aspen. "It's early in the game, and there's plenty left to do," he said.

Such a budget -- fueled by increased spending from enterprise customers -- would be a steep increase from what the company spent in the last five years, when it made massive buys like Sun Microsystems for $5 billion; MySQL for $1 billion; and StorageTek for $4 billion.

Oracle plans to double acquisition budget - Fortune Tech

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