Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Notes SharePoint Blog: Cool stuff in SharePoint 2010 that Notes customers will love: Declarative Workflow

Some SharePoint workflow insights from Steve Walch; see the link below for more details and screen shots

Notes workflows are almost always implemented as code attached to various buttons, form events, and agents.  By contrast, the Microsoft platform encourages you to use declarative workflows where you express your workflow as a set of rules that can be entered, modified, and (best of all) understood by a non-programmer.  You can write code if you need to, but this code is usually confined to “activities”, the units of action that you wire together in your declarative workflow.


The takeaway here is twofold.  First you can replace most of your Notes workflows without writing code.  Save your expensive developers for the hard stuff.  Second, do not attempt to translate all the code that your Notes developers wrote into code on the Microsoft platform.  Instead, devote your energies toward understanding what your old workflows did and make sure you have a deep understanding of how to accomplish these same things in a declarative workflow world.

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