Thursday, May 13, 2010

SAP to Buy Sybase in $5 Billion Deal -

So… the acquisition is about mobile and analytics; good thing, since the last time SAP offered an enterprise DBMS (SAP DB, which SAP ultimately open-sourced, and which was later briefly offered by MySQL AB as MaxDB) didn’t go so well…

The acquisition puts SAP into the database software market, where its products will overlap with those of its longtime rival, Oracle, more than ever. As such, the deal heats up competition to gather, store and analyze the huge amounts of sales, customer and employee data being produced by modern companies.

Executives of SAP and Sybase said they intended to focus on creating new types of number processing software that rely on Sybase’s strengths in transporting data to and from the smartphones of customers.

SAP to Buy Sybase in $5 Billion Deal -

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