Friday, May 21, 2010

Google Apologizes for Google Wave Confusion | News & Opinion |

I watched the wave instances during the I/O keynotes – there wasn’t a lot of activity or information value-add; in general, I think Google still has a long way to go, if it wants to convince the mainstream market there’s a significant role for Wave

"When we put it out there, we did so in sort of a raw form ... what are the set of use cases, how can we make them more useful and more productive, can do it all in Wave," Lars Rasmussen, the head of Google Wave, said in a press conference here Wednesday. "No longer do we need to have the discussion here and have instant messages over here. Can we do it all in one tool?"

The lesson that Google learned was that it needed to do a much better job of explaining Wave, Rasmussen said. A year ago, Google offered an hour-long demo preview of what the technology could do, "but we failed to answer the question of what can I actually use Wave for, right now, right here," he said.

Google Apologizes for Google Wave Confusion | News & Opinion |

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