Monday, May 17, 2010

Input from Mike Godwin, Wikimedia General Counsel

As sent to Dave Farber’s distribution list:

The notion that the Wikimedia Foundation is enduring some kind of "chaos" and that the organization somehow has "no one at the wheel" is simply nonsense. The Fox News campaign against Wikipedia has certainly led to some reactions, of course, but our Board and executive director remain in charge, and in fact we spent more time last week rolling out an interface redesign for Wikipedia than we did thinking about Fox News's attacks. Whether one takes Gizmodo's gestures at journalism very seriously or not, surely it should give you pause to note that Gizmodo's conclusion is based on an unnamed "source" who very likely has no connection at all to the Wikimedia Foundation nor any knowledge of our day-to-day operations.

Furthermore, anyone who thinks that Jimmy's voluntary decision to limit his own editing powers means that no one is in charge suggests a profound ignorance of how the Wikimedia Foundation operates.

In short, the Gizmodo piece seems aimed primarily at exceeding Fox News's sloppiness and inaccuracy regarding Fox's original self-congratulatory anti-porn-on-the-Internet campaign. Input from Mike Godwin, Wikimedia General Counsel

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