Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis

An excerpt from the book site press release:

Rodale Books is proud to announce the publication of OUR CHOICE: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis (Rodale Books; November 3, 2009; ISBN 978-1-59486-734-7; $26.99; 416 pages w/ 4-color illustrations throughout) by former Vice President Al Gore. OUR CHOICE is the pioneering follow-up to Gore’s bestselling An Inconvenient Truth, in which he unequivocally laid out the case for climate crisis. With OUR CHOICE, he gives us the tools to solve it.

During the three and a half years since the release of An Inconvenient Truth Al Gore has organized and moderated over 30 lengthy and intensive “Solutions Summits,” where the world’s leading experts (from fields as diverse as neuroscience, agriculture, economics, information technology, and more) have come to discuss and share their knowledge with the goal of finding the most effective courses of action. OUR CHOICE is result of the groundbreaking insights offered by these participants, whose expertise has made it possible to construct a fresh and unique approach not seen before.

Highly recommended – buy the book, read it, and discuss the concepts with friends and family. 

All earnings for the book, as was the case with An Inconvenient Truth (book and movie) go to The Alliance for Climate Protection.

There’s also a “solutions wiki” on the book site, but it isn’t accessible at the moment.

Tangent: a Kindle edition would be less effective, as the book includes some great color photos and other images.  Maybe (Apple board member) Al Gore will release an Apple tablet edition early next year…

Our Choice — Press Kit

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